Invitation Letter

Dear participants of the Harvard Crimson Business Competition Championship Round,

With great pleasure, we invite you and the corresponding advisors, to the Harvard Crimson Business Competition Championship Round, which will be held in partnership with ASDAN China from June 27th to June 30th, 2024.

The Harvard Crimson Business Competition Championship Round is a four-day event in which The Harvard Crimson staff, the Harvard University student newspaper, hosts ambitious business-minded students, engaging them through interactive workshops and panel discussions, and will cultivate in students presenting their project ideas.

This year’s Championship Round of the Harvard Crimson Business Competition will be held on Harvard’s campus in Cambridge, MA, from Saturday, June 27th, through Sunday, June 30th. The Harvard Crimson Business Competition is meant to be an opportunity for students to meet like-minded peers, advance their interests in business, and visit the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. Participants and faculty advisers can certainly expect an engaging weekend, full of enriching discussions.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Business Manager
The Harvard Crimson

Global Championship Round

Approximately 50 global qualifying teams will be invited to participate in The Harvard Crimson Business Competition Championship Round. Qualifying teams will be able to join the Harvard Global Championship Round held in June 26th to July 3rd for in-depth communication with Harvard business alumni, The Harvard Crimson Business Board, and the final presentation.


Harvard Business School alumni often have experience in diverse industries and sectors. The keynote speakers will share real-world business cases related to the six challenges above and lead students to develop business strategies.


Every team participating in the event will benefit from
on-site guidance provided by experienced business mentors.


In addition to good business plan, good presentation is also critical. HCBC will organise presentation workshops to guide the participating teams and ensure their excellent final presentation.


Network globally, share ideas with elites, fostering collaboration and enriching your business perspective and strategies.


Showcase your ultimate business concept to a panel of discerning The Harvard Crimson judges!



Learn about the application process and campus life at Harvard and other Ivy League schools.



Harvard University, USA
Grade 7-12
3-4 students/team
Language: English
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
CityBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBoston &
New York
New YorkNew York
MorningArrive at Boston Hotel
check in
University Tour

Opening Ceremony
HCBC Field Introduction 1:Environmental Stability Panel
HCBC Field Introduction 3:Economic
Development Panel
Workshop & Activity
HCBC Field Introduction 6:Sustainable Transportation Pane
Workshop & Activity
Preperation for Presentation
MIT Tour
Drive to Yale
Statue Of Liberty TourDeparture
AfternoonNetworking Workshop
HCBC Feild Inroduction 2:Education Panel
HCBC Field Introduction 4:Food Security Panel
Workshop & Activity
HCBC Field Introduction 5:Cybersecurity panel
Workshop & Activity
Meet the judges panel
Yale Tour
Drive to New York
Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour,
Times Square Tour,
Central Park Tour,
5th Avenue Tour.
EveningRestNetworking DinnerSocial Event
(Dance, Activity, Olympics, Games, Movie)
RestHotel check in

Why US?

Organized by the Harvard Crimson, one-on-one guidance by Harvard alumni

The Harvard Crimson Business Competition is officially organized by The Harvard Crimson, a school newspaper at Harvard University. In the Championship Round, Harvard alumni guide students in understanding the industry and exploring the business market by analyzing real cases. Students will refine their business plan works from theory to practice and ultimately complete the roadshow presentation.

Business Workshops covering various topics enhance students’ comprehensive skills

During the Championship Round, students will be invited to participate in various Business Workshops. The Harvard Crimson will invite senior mentors to share knowledge and skills from multiple dimensions, such as market research, corporate development, and roadshow techniques. Through learning and interaction, the workshops aim to help students gain business insights, cultivate and develop innovative thinking, leadership and public speaking skills, thereby improving their self-competitiveness.

Excellent business plans will be published in the Harvard Crimson

Mentors will guide students to explore six challenges and identify business opportunities. By applying the business knowledge and skills they have learned, students will propose innovative business plans, continuously optimize and improve their business logic and strategies, and accumulate valuable practical business experience.

A Comprehensive experience of Harvard University's academic and daily life

During the Championship Round, students will immerse themselves in the academic and social environment at Harvard University. In addition to the daily academic challenges, The Harvard Crimson has specially arranged a dinner for students to gather with Harvard alumni, upperclassmen, and other contestants to share and exchange ideas.

The Global Challenge for top international students

Nearly 2,000 students from 10 countries submitted their business plans in the Preliminary Round. The best business plans authors were invited to the Championship round, where they will meet contestants from all over the world. They will meet delegates from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, enhancing their ability to learn and live in a diversified environment.

Official Authorized Certificates to prove business intelligence and innovative thinking abilities

The Championship Round participants will receive participation certificates and award certificates jointly issued by The Harvard Crimson and ASDAN China. These certificates will reflect the students' comprehensive quality and potential in the business field and become an additional advantage for applying to prestigious universities.


Gold Award

Silver Award

Bronze Award

Excellence in Presentation

Most Innovative

Award in Future Promise

Team Player Award